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la cucina del buongustaio

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old italian

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Click Here

Berna's Italian Cookbook


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Bernadette Reed grew up in the kitchen of her uncle's New York City restaurant where she learned how to prepare her grandmother's classic, old world Italian recipes. Now, for the first time ever, YOU will learn ALL the secrets to preparing these closely guarded recipes!



You're About To Learn Secrets Of Classic Italian Cooking

That Most People Will Never Know




In COOKING With BERNA, You Will Learn...

The secrets to making incredible Classic Italian dishes including Soups, Salads, Seafood and Meats


Insider tips enabling you to prepare Old World Italian Dishes from authentic Recipes


The super-simple Recipes that New York CIty Restaurants use


How even a beginner can learn to prepare Classic Italian Cuisine that will amaze everyone who tastes it


And So Much More...

From This Book That Provides 100% Reliable Information

On All Aspects Of Classic Italian Cooking





First, a few Testimonials...

Marcus D. Whisenant, CEC

I use Bernadette’s recipes to teach my students about cooking here at Rancho Cielo’s Drummond Culinary Academy. Bernadette has also come up and given cooking lessons to our students.


Marcus D. Whisenant CEC

Executive Chef/Instructor

Drummond Culinary Academy at Rancho Cielo


Adam Henig

“If anyone wants to learn about Italian cooking, look no further than Berna’s cookbook. It has every type of recipe one could ask for. I don’t know what my family would do without it!”


Adam Henig

Recreation Supervisor/Youth Commission Advisor

City of Saratoga Recreation Department


Susan Ozawa:

"In the few years I've known Bernadette, it was quite obvious that her true passion was cooking and I've had the delicious pleasure of sampling some of her recipes as a guest at her home. So when her cookbook came out, I knew that I wanted to purchase it. I really enjoyed many of her family stories that connected with the recipes in her cookbook and it gave me an insight to how and why she became so passionate about cooking. As I perused through her cookbook, the recipes seemed simple, but inviting, which is a quality I like. I also liked the fact that the ingredients were written in bold type, which makes it soooo much easier for someone like me( over 60 ) to read. I'm looking forward to trying many of her Italian family recipes".



Linda Chew:

Cooking with Berna is a wonderful compilation of recipes. I collect cookbooks so this is a great addition with authentic Italian recipes. They are basic and easy recipes with simple ingredients and the dishes are tasty. I will definitely be using this cookbook and teaching my daughter with these recipes as well. Thanks Berna!





Whether you make Italian Food for pleasure, for your job, or special occasions,

Cooking with Berna can help you with Italian Cooking ideas, recipes, terms, tips, and more.



Limited Time Only $19.95

Order Cooking With Berna Here!!




Bernadette Reed, spent her free time in the kitchen from the time she was nine years old. Thirty-five years later, her passion for making meals from scratch is as strong as ever. With special emphasis on Italian cuisine and roots that can be traced directly to Naples & Calabria, Italy, Bernadette is excited to share her knowledge with the new generation of would-be chefs.


Her cooking skills and classes were featured in the Saratoga News.


She taught teenagers how to eat healthy on the show "Teen Fit" on KSAR.


Her teaching schedule this year includes community classes in:


Saratoga, CA

Los Altos, CA

Los Gatos, CA

Menlo Park, CA

Cupertino, CA

Campbell, CA


She teaches kids, teens, adults and now seniors. This summer she will teach at the Saratoga Library and the Campbell Library teen classes!


Bernadette also teaches at the Saratoga Senior Center, the Cupertino Senior Center, at the Drummond Culinary Academy in Salinas, CA working with Chef Marcus. She demo at libraries also – demo dishes


In the past year, Bernadette lost 108 pounds due to exercise, healthy eating habits and recipes she created herself.








Just a few more Testimonials (of many, many more)

Pam says...

I love the Cooking with Berna Cookbook. It has simple, healthy recipes using ingredients that are easy to find and often on hand. The finished meal is elegant and ethnic. Berna makes me look like a real Italian chief.


Karen Schraga:

I was very excited when I saw Bernadette's cookbook, as she was so warm and generous with inviting me to her home and cooking some of the dishes that are now in her cookbook! I recently took my new cookbook to bed, and read it from cover to cover, and not only enjoyed the anticipation of a potpourri of new recipes to discover, I also enjoyed reading all of her cute comments about her Italian relatives, which gave me an insight into their lively Sunday afternoons, when all would gather together over a pot of Bucantini Pasta with Meat Sauce. (homemade, of course!)


The first recipe that I will be making is Berna's Stuffed Artichokes. This recipe comes from her Grandma Rose and she made it for me once. I can still remember how great it smelled. And.....it was "delizioso!"

Thank you Bernadette for sharing your passion for Italian cooking with this new cookbook.


Carroll Hornbacker

I love the quick easy way ideas are put together in this cookbook. The recipes are simple, easy, and delicious. No specific items must be purchased for cookware or utensils. Each item has ideas of other ways to prepare with common kitchen items.


I like the variety of recipes. There are luncheon recipes for casual occasions as well as recipes for a dinner party. Anyone, single, married, people who entertain often as well as those that cook only for self or family can find recipes that are delicious and easy to



Easy simple to follow instructions. Making recipes fast and easy to prepare is the thing I like most about the cookbook.




The book "Cooking with Berna" deserves a place at the desk or in kitchen of everyone who takes an interest in cooking in general and Italian Cooking in particular. For culinary professionals it is a must have.


You are ordering a downloadable product, which means you will be able to

start viewing the Cookbook within minutes of placing your order.


Only $19.95

Order Cooking With Berna Here!!




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ClickSales, Inc. is located at 917 S. Lusk St., Suite 200, Boise ID 83706 USA


*Note: This book comes in PDF format so it can be read on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe)

If you need a copy of Acrobat Reader you can get it here www.Adobe.com.


fine art

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icooking italian for your ipad apps

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history of italian cuisine

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pellegrino artusi

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