Quotes I was very happy to find this lovely Italian restaurant in Cape Town. The food is fresh and true Italian food. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you. Quotes
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Quotes JUST around the corner from La Mouette stands a single small-roomed Italian eatery called Goloso. It is about as close as you will get to a typical street-corner Italian restaurant, in other words a place that cooks a menu of pasta-led dishes without pretence in a tiny space that doubles as a deli and doesn't feel the need to argue its Italian roots with tourist pictures. I have never heard so much Italian spoken outside Italy: the proprietor greets you, suggests the just-made ravioli (it's hard to resist fresh, filled pasta), hardly gives you a chance to order a drink and goes round the deli counter, where a tiny kitchen is crowded by her assistant cooks. It's all very Italian in its quick energy, with suppliers and friends coming through the door....(cont. http://www.bdlive.co.za/life/travel/2012/11/30/restaurant-review-goloso) Quotes
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Business Day 30 November 2012 - RESTAURANT REVIEW: Goloso

Quotes Reviewed 2 July 2012 Unexpected - a hole in the wall in Sea Point. Three and a half tables, a waitron, a chef and a chef's assistant. Seasonal ingredients, combined upon order receipt, sympathetically combined. Perfect. A welcome change from the formulaic, "decor takes it all' approach. Quotes

Quotes Goloso Sea Point, Cape Town Goloso | By Lew | Friday, 30 March 2012 ...excellent small Italian restaurant and deli on the ever-upgrading Regent Road in Sea Point. Small, owner-managed a tiny kitchen with fresh pasta and delicious ingredients from a tiny workspace offering also great salads, meat and seafood offerings,complemented by a short list of good Italian wines. Essential to book, and we have never been let down. Quotes
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Quotes January 21, 2012 in ThreeSixtySix Goloso Deli in Seapoint, Cape Town. Get 10 mates and you can book the whole deli out. Its like a dinner party with your own private chef, for a nominal price. (R150 pp, cheap as chips for the amount you eat!) Quotes
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